Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Good Juice

...is an amazingly versatile ingredient. We first started using juice on occasions where we didn't have any wine available to cook with. Then we started using it to add a more balanced sweetness to dressings and marinades. The list grew from there as we realized that good juice adds its own flavor to a variety of dishes and drinks. It is an easy substitute for wine, mirin or sugar in many recipes. While we occasionally indulge in high-end, super delicious juices like this pinot noir juice from Navarro Vineyards, we find that good organic juices of any kind are great go-to ingredients. We like to use it in dressings, to deglaze a pan, or as a mixer in Amaya's favorite fancy summer drinks. This week's beverage starts with a glass of ice, a slice of frozen peach, a splash of citrus syrup and a couple of ounces of pinot noir grape juice topped with seltzer. She stirs everything together herself and sips it in the sunshine beside the pool. It's amazing how a small thing like a bespoke drink can make even the smallest of us feel special.

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